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Creative projects include music performance, recording and label management, web design, film production, script writing, creative writing, and the publishing and the editing of poetry, books, magazines and websites.


  • Production

    James Barrett performs as Nada Baba, working with digital found sampled and created sounds with didgeridoo/yidaki, sitar, flutes, drums, harmonica, organ, Jews harp, and objects at hand. James Barrett does spoken word/poetry and often combines it with created sound. He has over 50 000 downloads online. He has performed at festivals in Australia, Holland, Germany and Sweden. James has released music on independent music labels in Australia, the United States, Sweden and Ukraine both as a solo artist (Nada Baba) and with the groups’ 6majik9, Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood and Acid Folk.

    Music Projects

    Downloads Free Music Archive

    Films Music Texts

    Poet With Tools (music blog)

    LastFM Channel


  • Film Production

    James has written acted in and directed films as music videos, documentation of research and teaching projects and for creative storytelling. He wrote and directed two films for the Wallenberg Foundation to document projects as part of the Wallenberg Global Learning Network (WGLN). James specializes in machinima film, or the use of computer games for making films (he has published several articles on the subject). James has made machinima films for commercial and teaching purposes, such as the film "Identity and Avatars in Second Life" linked here, for Online Educa Berlin 2010, the 16th International Conference on Technology Supported Learning & Training. He has also acted in several films in Australia and Sweden, including Sam's Orchestra (Lisette Boman, 2002) and No Law 4000 (Robert Lundmark 2002).

    Film Projects

    No Law 4000

    Understanding Machinima

    Indentity and Avatars in Second Life

  • Digital Production

    James has designed and built virtual environments online and managed them as spaces for teaching, art, collaborative authorship and gaming. He has designed and builds websites too, for commercial, private and academic projects. Virtual environments are online persistent shared spaces where users can create and share content and experiences via avatars that embody their presence in the space. James has expertise in the use of virtual environments as simulations and testing spaces. His expertise is in the design and building of websites for private individuals, corporate clients and academic institutions. Finally presentation materials are a specialty, with extensive experience with blogging, PowerPoint and Prezi for presentation purposes.

    Film Projects


    Virtual Enviroment Builds

    Examples of Prezi Presentations

  • Writing and Word Performance

    James is a published poet, a blogger, journalist, and author. As well he has performed as a stand-up poet and performance artist. He has been described as an expressive, creative and crafted writer. His journalism has been published in Australia, the UK, Sweden and India as well as online. His poetry has found an audience via small chapbook publications, fanzines and online sites. His collection, The Spider's Tongue

    (2005) has been downloaded over 300 times. James has created or contributed to over ten different blogs, as well as guest editing on teaching and culture blogs for the likes of Cambridge University, Univerity of Amsterdam and empyre - soft skinned space. He is available as a journalist, editor, blogger (author and advisor), and for ghost writing should the right project turn up.

    Selected Creative Works Published In

    Golden Bee Zine  

    Two-Thirds North 2017  


    Pine Meoquanee: An Anthology Of Poetry 

    Poem on Minor Literatures