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Consulting Work

Skills that focus on the implementation and understanding of language and media, particularly the digital.


  • Media Production

    James is a consultant for the production of media in English that includes copywriting and information design, editing, proofreading and project management. He specializes in the integration of digital content and the use of interactive media for narrative. In his current position he works with digital tools, databases, archiving and publishing system for the production of online and print media. Production programs used are the Adobe Creative Suite (Bridge, Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator) and Microsoft Office (Word and PowerPoint). Other consultancies with document production have involved book editing, authoring, and production manager for film and project manager for multimedia production.

    Media Examples

    Interactive eLearning

    Understanding Machinima: Essays on Filmmaking in Virtual Worlds

    Talking and Seeing Math in Games (Film, password on request)

  • Social and Online Media Consultancy

    James' social media work has included teaching at the University of Cambridge UK, in the Centre for Research in Social Sciences and the Humanities (CRASSH) on social media for academics. Other consultancies have been with Unga Klara Theater, ExpertInfo AB, Maquet AB, Investor AB and the Wallenberg Learning Network in Sweden. James can develop a social media plan for small to medium sized businesses, that includes the analysis of existing assets related to online media profiles, the production, publication and distribution of assets online and how a business can use social and online media for the expansion of the brand, the connection with and development of the customer base and as a feedback mechanism and generator of marketing content.

    Social and Online Media Projects

    Strategies for Developing your Social Media Practice (University of Cambridge)

    Event Management in Real-Time Collaborations Across Mixed and Transmedia Realities (Prezi, Workshop at the University of Cambridge

    Klout - my social media metrics

    Social Media Cultures (workshop conducted at Umeå University, Sweden)

  • Publication Work

    James has extensive experience as a consultant, editor and production manager on web-based and print publishing projects. Projects have included consultant for the publication of digital support material for the Bloomsbury book "Understanding Machinima: Essays on Filmmaking in Virtual Worlds" (2013), editing the catalogue "Haunted by the Shadows of the Future: ARTEFACTS" (2014) and leading the design and publishing of the website for the Euroversity project (2012-2014), a EU funded initiative developing the possibilities for using the technology of virtual worlds for teaching and learning. Other publishing projects have been instructional and training manuals for a large multinational medical technology company and the editing and publishing of a popular fanzine in Sydney, Australia in the 1990s.

    Publishing Projects

    Understanding Machinima

    Haunted by the Shadows of the Future: ARTEFACTS (PDF)


    Pervasive Services, Framework and Design by Håkan Gulliksson (Editor)

  • Community Work

    James has worked with community arts and culture in Sweden, Germany and Australia. The work has involved workshops, teaching and events. This has included the De:Tune Järva project (2014) with Tarek Atoui, the exhibition and workshops that made up Haunted by the Shadows of the Future: ARTEFACTS through the Royal College of Art, Stockholm and the music label Music Your Mind Will Love You. Other projects have involved working with youth in culture and art as inspirational and skill based activities.

    Community Projects

    De:Tune Järva

    Music Your Mind Will Love You

    Shadows of the Future: ARTEFACTS