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Research, teaching and publication are the three pillars of practical academic work. This includes grant applications, project management, quantitative and qualitative research and multimedia publishing.


  • Research

    James Barrett’s scientific activity moves within the internationally emerging research field of digital humanities. Barrett’s current publication list consists of 16 works, mostly in English (one in Swedish and one in Polish). Major features of these publications are the PhD dissertation ‘Ergodic Revisited: Spatiality as a Governing Principle of Digital Literature’ (2015), three scientific papers (2013-2016), eight contributions to anthologies, including four co-authored and several published by internationally recognized publishers (2009-2016) and a popular science article (2008). Moreover, Barrett has published two articles linked to educational activities (2014).

    Research Work

    PhD Thesis "The Ergodic revisited: spatiality as a governing principle of digital literature" site

    Keynote Lecture: Bodies, Space and the Virtual: A Narrative of Becoming

    BBC 4 Documentary - Dial a Poem Poets (2013)

    Infrastructure Space and Media (Conference Summary)

    DIVA Publications List

  • Teaching

    Barrett has been the applicant and/or participating in five research projects with external financing via the EU, Cambridge University, Stanford University and the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation. Added to these research projects are two national community culture projects working with digital media (2015, 2017). Barrett has developed and taught courses at undergraduate and graduate levels in the "digital literacy "," digital literature "and" digital textuality "and tutored independently at an advanced level in relation to his own research.

    Teaching Work

    Historicizing Public Space with QR Codes

    The Textual Internet

    Yoshikaze Virtual Studio Project

  • Publication Work

    Barrett has participated in the arrangement of international scientific conferences and has administrative experience from international research and scientific exchange. Barrett has collaborated with cultural institutions in connection with teaching, supervision and research. Barrett's scientific activities focus on key issues regarding the importance of digital discourse and technology in literature, film and visual arts with a number of publications and presentations from internationally recognized contexts.

    Publishing Work

    HUMlab Blog

    Social Media Cultures Workshop