Research Services

Research Services

"Mediadaption offers advanced qualitative and quantitative research including design, methods, database construction and management, data gathering, analysis and report writing from the initial idea to the formulation of a research plan and the gathering of data to the point of delivery to the client."

Design and Media Production

Design and Media Production

Mediadation can deliver interactive and user-centered design for digital media. We work with the client from initial consultation through the design and development, to testing and final version to the point of publishing. We arrange for production and return the finished product with the option of further support during implementation.

Project Management

Project Management

Mediadaption has worked with project management for some of the leading corporate and public bodies in Sweden. We offer project management in the areas of media, communication, marketing, brand management, culture and publishing. This service includes planning and formulation, structure, execution and delivery.

Language Services

Language Services

Mediadaption offers print journalism, editing, proofreading, ghost writing and copywriting for print, web and multimedia in English. Mediadaption is experienced in editing for international publications. Translation from Swedish to English is also available.

Adaption to the media that surrounds us
 is the literacy of the 21st century.

James J Barrett


James Barrett founded Mediadaption in 2015. James has an M.A and PhD in Language Studies (Umeå University, Sweden) and a B.A in Journalism and Asian Studies (USQ Australia). As well James has completed studies in digital media, pedagogy, urban theory, as well as interactive and architectural design subjects. He has taught courses in media, writing, literature and design at universities in Sweden and the UK. James is a consultant for media creation and publishing, network and social media and interactive narrative.

His published research examines the interplay between language, images and sound as representational systems with a focus on the role of the spatial. James's performance and artistic work has been shown in Germany, Sweden, Israel, Argentina, Australia and France. He has appeared on radio and television in Singapore, the UK, Australia and Sweden.

As well he has had over 50 000 downloads of his music online. James's online videos have had tens of thousands of views. He has played at music festivals in Germany, Sweden, Australia and Holland and his music has been released on labels in the USA, Australia, Sweden and Ukraine.

James' CV is available here.

“his ability to analyse and present solutions to practical communication problems is excellent”

“an artist, a cultural critic, a literary scholar, and a technician. He is also down to earth, friendly, accommodating, and kind.”

“extraordinary inspiring - he is a person with many skills within the digital field and very competent both as an artist and a researcher.”

"James is one of the most creative persons I have worked with."

“a highly creative person with a great eye for possibilities. He is easy to work with, has a broad range of skills and a well developed understanding of art, science and people”